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Please email your questions to us regarding Royal Highlands.  When you do, you will be giving us permission to use them in the FAQ section of your website unless you specifically state you do not wish them to be used here.  Please use the email address: royalhighlands@olympiacompanies.com

Who are the Association’s Vendors?

Royal Highlands contracts with many service vendors. The three most visible vendors are the management company (Olympia Management Services), the general landscape company (Par 3), and the security provider (Global Security Concepts).

Olympia Management Services has over 20 people on staff to attend to the daily needs of the Association.  Employees are designated for customer service, compliance and enforcement, maintenance and repairs, event coordination, reception, accounts payable, accounts receivable, data management, escrow and title demands, paralegal services, inspection, and general management.

Par 3 Landscape & Maintenance maintains the landscaping in the common areas in Royal Highlands.  If you would like to report an irrigation leak or have any questions or comments regarding other landscaping issues, please feel free to e-mail us at: Royalhighlands@olympiacompanies.com

Global Security Concepts (GSC) officers are located in the guardhouse and control access into the community at the main gate.   To reach the GSC guard on duty, please contact the Royal Highlands Guardhouse at (702) 434-5224.  In the event of an emergency, Owners must first call 911.  To report a non-emergency parking or security related issue, please contact Southern Highlands Security Dispatch at (702) 614-1006. 

There are many other vendors that are involved in your community.  If you have questions, comments or concerns pertaining to any vendors, or would like to become a vendor for the community, please e-mail us at: Royalhighlands@olympiacompanies.com.


                                                            MY ACCOUNT

How do I access the online Resident/Visitor/Vendor gate access list to add, delete and change persons who are authorized to enter?

Click on the QuicPass logo :  http://royalhighlands.org/QuickPass%20Logo.jpg

How do I get a gate transponder?

1.   Fill out the Vehicle Registration Form:  Royal Highlands Transponder Request and Vehicle Registration Form.pdf

2.  Take the completed form, along with a check (no cash or credit cards accepted).  You may also email the form and documents to Royalhighlands@olympiacompanies.com if you plan to send a separate check, however, this process will take longer. 

3.  Wait for a phone call from security to let you know the transponder is ready to be installed at the guardhouse.  This will take about a week.  

4.  Once you have received a call from security, go to the guard house to have your transponder installed.  It must be installed and activated by the security officer, and once installed, removal will result in damage and deactivation necessitating the purchase of a new transponder.

How do I add a contact to my account?

If you would like a property manager, family member, attorney, or real estate agent to have the ability to access and discuss your account with the management team, the Association requires certain documentation.  Strict precautions are followed to protect the privacy of the Owners and their information.  The management team requires written, signed authorization from the Owner of Record before any information can be provided to a non-owner.  Please contact the management office when you need to authorize another individual on your account.

Click this link: Royal Highlands Homeowner and Tenant Profile Sheet.pdf

 How do I change my mailing or contact address?

Any changes to an Owner’s contact information must be requested in person or through an Account Change Form that is signed by the Owner of Record.  To protect the privacy of the Owner’s information, the Association will not change account information over the phone or via e-mail request.  The form must accompany any request. Once completed, the form may be hand-delivered, mailed to the Association at 11411 Southern Highlands Parkway, Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89141 or scanned and emailed to Royalhighlands@olympiacompanies.com.  Forms will not be accepted if (1) the Owner of Record has not signed the document, (2) the unit address is not listed, or (3) other required fields are not complete.  It is advisable that an e-mail address be included with the request even when mailed or hand delivered. 

Account Change Forms are not processed through the Association’s lock box account or with any other form of payment.  Please do not include these forms with your monthly payment (assessment or compliance) even if you are mailing directly to the Association’s office.  Payments are processed by a different department, and the management team cannot guarantee that the account change requests will be addressed in a timely manner. 

Click here for the: Royal Highlands Owner Information Form v2012.6.pdf

Why do I need an account number? 

The Association makes every effort to handle the Owners’ information electronically. Therefore, the team utilizes a database that is based on the assignment of a numeric account number.  In order to keep accounts separate, different account numbers are given for assessment obligations as compared to compliance obligations.  As homes transfer between owners, as some unrelated individuals have the same name, or family members with the same name move into the Community and as we all strive to protect information, the use of account numbers becomes ever more desirable.  The customer service team is always available to assist in locating information through property address or last name, but account numbers prove to be the fastest, safest way to protect account information. 

What is my Account number / where do I find it?

 A single owner may have multiple account numbers based on differing account types (assessment, compliance, abatement, etc.).  The database used by the Association stores an Owner’s account information by type and assigns a different number to each account type.  The account number can generally be found on one’s statement.  Individual statements are sent for each account type, which allows you to properly match account numbers to type.  If you do not see your account number, then you can visit the Association offices.

Should I put my Account number on my payment?

Yes.  The Association makes every effort to properly post payments to the account intended by the Owner.  However, it can get confusing when Owner’s have multiple account types at one address or when Owner’s have more than one property.  There are no duplicate account numbers, and therefore, the Association can be certain of your intention when a payment is received.  If the account team cannot determine one’s intent when a payment is received, then the payment will generally be posted to assessment obligations first.  However, unclear information may also result in the accounting team returning the check to your care.  In those instances, fees for late payment may be assessed.

I can’t make it to your office during working hours. Do you have a drop-box?

The management company has provided a drop box for the convenience of residents needing to deliver paperwork or information after regular working hours.  Generally, the box is checked in the morning of each regular business day.  However, the box is not insured by the USPS and neither the Association nor the management company can guarantee the safety of the information contained in the box prior to pick-up.  Owners wishing to ensure the safety of the information are advised to use the USPS for delivery. 

Individuals using the drop box are strongly encouraged to bundle all information in an envelope and to identify the relevant unit address and owner name on the outside of the envelope.  Loose papers can be easily mixed with paperwork from other Owners using the drop box.  Correspondence, account payments, architectural application, and other forms are accepted through the drop box. 

How do I know my account balance?

An Owner can obtain an account balance by reviewing a monthly account statement, utilizing the or meeting with a customer service representative at the management office. 

Account statements are mailed monthly and generally depict payment activity through the 20th day of the preceding month along with any payment obligations coming due on the first day of the active month.  The Association cannot guarantee that payments received after the 20th day of the month will be posted to an Owner’s account prior to printing and processing of the statements.

LATE FEES ARE POSTED ON THE 30TH OF EACH MONTH.  (February fees are posted on the 28th.)

How can I Pay My Assessments?

The Association accepts assessment payment through three methods: (descriptions are outlined below)

§  ACH   Royal Highlands ACH Enrollment Form v2012.5.pdf

§  Bill Pay

§  Check or Money Order

§  Credit Card (coming soon)

Payments are accepted at the Association’s Lock Box, the management office, or the drop box. The Association cannot guarantee that payments received after the 20th day of the month will be posted to an Owner’s account prior to printing and processing of the statements. However, late fees will not be posted unless the payment is received after the due date

LATE FEES ARE POSTED ON THE 30TH OF EACH MONTH.  (February fees are posted on the 28th.)

Why do I get a statement if I use ACH, pre-pay my assessments, or otherwise have a credit or $0 balance?

The Association mails monthly assessment account statements to Owners without a balance due for a variety of reasons.  Even when an account has a zero balance, a statement is mailed for record keeping purposes. Many owners specifically request the confirming notice that ACH is working properly or that pre-payments are being debited properly.  Additionally, the Association occasionally uses the monthly assessment statements as a tool to provide valuable information to all Owners without creating another piece of mail and/or increasing postage costs.  Thus, a statement is run for all Owners and then the information can be inserted accordingly.

Why did I stop receiving monthly statements?

Assessment Statements:  The Association mails monthly assessment statements to each Owner unless the account has been sent to a collection agency for handling.  At the point of transfer, the statements are discontinued.  This happens because fees and costs are incurred by the collection agency and an Owner must pay both the Association and the agency in order to bring the account current.  Statements only reflect the amounts owing to the Association. It can create confusion if a statement is sent to an Owner with a balance that is less than the amount required to bring the account current. If you are concerned about your balance, please contact the management office.

 Compliance Statements:  The Association only mails monthly compliance statements to those Owners with an outstanding compliance balance.  If you previously received compliance statements and they have ceased, then it is possible that the balance has been paid in full, resolved or forwarded to collections.  Failure to receive a statement is not positive proof that the balance has been paid.  

How does the Compliance process work?

Living in a common-interest community requires that all Owners abide by certain Covenants and Conditions that were recorded against the Royal Highlands properties prior to any single family residential purchase.  Although the Board of Directors is vested with the duty to enforce the Covenants and Conditions, which are further detailed in the Rules and Regulations, they cannot do the work alone.  Therefore, the process is broken up into four distinct parts:

            1.         Inspection and/or Reporting:   Through the management company, the Board has one Inspector that drives the community at least once a month to observe the condition and appearance of each single family residence from a vehicle.  The Inspector does not enter any yard or walk on any private property.  A report is generated from the inspection, and Courtesy Letters are sent to the Owner(s). Courtesy letters may also be generated based on an individual report made to the management office by another Association member.  Owners are permitted to phone the office with information regarding a possible violation at a residence.

            2.         Communication:  Once a compliance issue has been noted in the Association’s database and a file is created, a Courtesy Letter is sent. This letter commences the communication phase of the compliance process.  If sufficient corrective action is not taken after the Courtesy Letter is sent and the Inspector does not observe a positive change of condition at the property, a Hearing Notice is sent.  The Hearing Notice includes an invitation for the Owner to meet with the Compliance Committee.

            3.         Compliance Hearing:  If the Association takes steps to schedule a formal hearing on a violation, the Inspector will be sent to the residence to photograph the alleged violation just prior to the hearing.  A hearing is then held on a specific date and time before the Compliance Committee.  At the hearing, the Committee reviews the file, views the photographs taken of the residence, speaks with the Owner(s) – if present – and votes on whether or no to institute a single or recurring fine against the Owner. Thereafter, a Hearing Response Letter is sent to the Owner.  Please see Contact Info page for current schedule. 

            4.         Board Appeal:  If an Owner receives a Hearing Response Letter and disagrees with the decision of the Compliance Committee, they are given the right to appeal the matter to the Board of Directors.  The Board will hear any Owner wishing to schedule an appeal one time.  Therefore, Owners are strongly encouraged to correct any outstanding compliance matters prior to appearing before the Board.  It is the position of the Board that compliance is the primary objective and fines can be negotiated when Owners respond quickly and resolve issues. 

2014 Royal Highlands Board Meetings:

Tuesday, January 28th 8:30 a.m. (Exec) / 10-11:30 (Regular)

Tuesday, February 11th 8:30 a.m. (Exec) / 10-11:30 (Regular)

Tuesday, April 15th 4:00 p.m. (Exec) / 5:30-7:00 (Regular)

Tuesday, June 10th 8:30 a.m. (Exec) / 10-11:30 (Regular)

Tuesday, August 12th 8:30 a.m. (Exec) / 10-11:30 (Regular)

Tuesday, October 7th 8:30 a.m. (Exec) / 10-11:30 (Regular)

Tuesday, November 11th 4:00 p.m. (Exec) / 5:30-7:00 (Regular)

What is a Courtesy Letter and do I need to respond?

A Courtesy letter is a quick notice from the Association informing the Owner that there may be a compliance matter concerning the property.  The Association comes with certain Rules and Regulations that are adopted and enforced to help the upkeep and appearance of the Community as a whole.  Often times, it is difficult for the Inspector or neighbors to determine if an issue is really a violation of the Rules and Regulations or simply a temporary matter that is being handled by the Owner.  The letter provides an opportunity to work with the management team to get issues resolved. 

 If a Courtesy Letter is received, the Owner is strongly encouraged to phone the office for further information.  If the photograph on the Courtesy Letter depicts an issue that can be easily resolved, the Board asks that the Owner follow the corrective directions included in the Courtesy Letter prior to phoning the office.  Owners are welcome to photograph the property after the issue is corrected and to forward the photo on to the customer service staff at the management office.  Photos can be uploaded and linked to an Owner’s file.

 What is a Hearing Notice?

 A Hearing Notice is the Association’s second attempt to inform an Owner that there may be a compliance issue concerning the property.  As the file has been open with the Association for an extended period of time, the Board of Directors uses the Hearing Notice to formally invite the Owner to meet with the Compliance Committee and address the matter.  The Compliance Committee is vested with the authority to levy fines for failure to correct the issue.  Any Owner receiving a Hearing Notice is strongly encouraged to attend the Hearing.  The Compliance Committee truly wishes to work with Owners to resolve problems.  Fines are only levied against a property as a last resort. 

 Who serves on the Compliance Committee? 

 The Compliance Committee consists of 3 to 7 Owners who do not serve on the Board of Directors. When possible, one member of the Board of Directors also attends the hearings.  They are an entirely volunteer committee, and they donate their time to work directly with Owners to resolve problems.  The Committee was established by the Board to act as an independent body of neighbors who make decisions on whether or not an issue that exists on a property is worthy of corrective action, and then whether or not a fine or other sanction is appropriate. If a member of the Board of Directors is present at the hearing, they do not vote on the outcome.

 Can I join the Compliance Committee?

 The Board of Directors is always looking for individuals willing to participate in the oversight and governance of the Community.  If you or someone you know is willing to volunteer time to the Royal Highlands Community, please contact the management offices at (702) 361-6640.   Owners are always encouraged to become active members of the Community.

 When does the Compliance Committee meet?

 The Compliance Committee meets once a month to review outstanding compliance matters prior to an initial fine.  If a hearing is scheduled at a time that an Owner is unavailable, it is best to call the management office to request an alternate date.  While the management team will make every effort to accommodate specific schedules and requests, hearings cannot be seriously delayed.   If an Owner cannot attend, then they are invited to submit a statement in writing.    The Royal HIghlands Compliance Hearings are generally scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6PM, and are held in the offices of Olympia Management Companies.  

 Can I get fined for a violation?

 Possibly.  After the Association sends an Owner a Courtesy Letter and Hearing Letter and after the Compliance Committee has reviewed the matter at a Hearing, it is possible that a fine will be posted against the Owner’s account.  The Compliance Committee follows the requirements of the Nevada Revised Statutes when imposing fines. Owners may receive an initial fine along with a 14 day grace period to cure the violation.  Thereafter, continuing fines may be issued every seven days or portion thereof until the violation is corrected.  The amount of the fine varies based on whether or not the problem poses a threat to the health and safety of the Community.

Can fines be reduced or removed?

 Only the Board of Directors has the authority to reduce or eliminate fines. The management office does not have the authority to remove fines that have been posted to an account.  If an Owner wants to seek a reduction of assessed fines, then the Owner must submit a completed Board Appeal Request form along with an offer of settlement.  Thereafter, the Owner will be notified for the next available Board Appeal date. The scheduling of a Board Appeal does not guarantee the removal or reduction of fines.  Owners are strongly encouraged to correct any outstanding issue or violation prior to appearing before the Board of Directors. 

 I received a Compliance Account Settlement Offer, what is it and what is the next step?

When a compliance issue has been corrected by the Owner and the balance on the account represents less than three months of posted fines, the Board of Directors routinely offers that Owner the opportunity to settle the account for less than the full balance.  Receipt and acceptance of the settlement offer is an expedited way to move through the Board Appeal process.  In addition, the settlement offer is a guaranteed way to reduce a compliance account balance.  Scheduling and attending a Board Appeal does not provide the same guaranteed results.  If an Owner wishes to accept the offer, payment may be sent directly to the management office with reference to the compliance account number.  If the Owner wishes instead to file for a Board Appeal, then a completed form must be delivered to the management office.

How do I report a compliance issue?

Owners who observe a potential violation of the Covenants or Rules may report the observation directly to the management office by phoning a customer service representative at 702.361.6640 or by sending an e-mail to compliance1@olympiacompanies.com.  All complaints must be made in writing.  However, it is important to note that privacy protections prevent the management team from providing any detail back to the reporting Owner on the progress of the compliance process.  In turn, the management team will not provide information regarding the person reporting a violation on a property to the property Owner.  The management office will accept anonymous complaints as well, which will be verified by the Inspector before action is taken.  If a complaint includes the reporting Owner’s information, the complaint will be filed in the reporting Owner’s file. 

There is an abandoned house next to me that is becoming rundown.  How do I report it?

If you notice a house that appears to be abandoned, please email compliance1@olympiacompanies.com.  Olympia will send a representative to investigate, and to determine the possible need for abatement of the property.  Your assistance in notifying Olympia Management Companies of these abandoned properties will assist in the timely resolution of unsightly weeds, pigeons and other issues. 


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